Cross-Training: All What You Should Know About It

Already very famous within the united states, and it must be said that this new training method is all the craze in our gyms. Cross-training sessions are very comprehensive. they permit you to enhance your physical capacities. Thus, this training method is employed for several reasons: weight loss, mass gain, etc … If you probably did not know to cross-train yet, quickly read this text.

What is cross-training?

Cross-training is a recent training method. It helps develop many sports skills. Strength, endurance, flexibility will be there.

It is about following a circuit where you are doing different exercises. All muscle areas of your body are used. The exercises are adaptable to your needs and desires.

Cross-training is like “Crossfit”. However, cross-training is often done in any room with coaches. this is not the case with Crossfit, which is practiced in specific rooms.

Typical cross-training

Before performing a cross-training session, it’s necessary to be warmed up. Heart, joints, and muscles should be ready for work.

Then you’ll do a circuit consistent with your level.

Example of a beginner’s circuit to repeat 5 times:

  • 30 seconds of squat;
  • 10 seconds of rest;
  • 30 seconds of board sheathing;
  • 10 seconds of rest;
  • 30 seconds of curl with dumbbells (500 grams);
  • 10 seconds of rest;
  • 30 seconds of swing with kettlebell;
  • 10 seconds of rest;
  • 30 seconds of Russian twist;
  • 10 seconds of rest;
  • 30 seconds of conventional push-ups.

You can vary the intensity of the exercise counting on your progress.

Example of an expert circuit to repeat 7 times:

  • 40 seconds of jump squats;
  • 40 seconds of leg climbs on the chin-up bar;
  • 40 seconds of push-ups;
  • 40 seconds of jumping feet together on a box;
  • 40 seconds of Russian twist with the weight of three to five kilos counting on your level;
  • 40 seconds of bench press with a medium load.

Do not hesitate to vary the intensity consistent with your need for the day. additionally, you’ll also prefer to target an area by training.

Be careful to not neglect any area. The leg day is simply as important as a workout as that of the upper body.

What are the benefits of cross-training?

  • Cheap: You don’t necessarily need equipment to practice cross-training. you’ll make a tour from home.
  • Time-saving: If you did not have time to exercise before, now you’ve got no more excuses. You can prefer to do a 20-minute session as long as you would like.
  • A very complete physical activity: Thanks to cross-training, you work on strength, endurance, resistance, etc… It is a sport that engages your whole body and allows you to enhance all of your physical capacities. Cross-training, therefore, adapts to all or any sports activities. It allows all athletes to progress in their area of expertise.
  • To lose weight: Anyone looking to shed extra pounds can tackle cross-training. Thanks to the multiple exercises, you harmoniously refine your silhouette. By eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly, you’ll achieve a lean and toned body.
  • To build muscle: In addition to losing weight, you’re more muscular. By strengthening your muscle tone, you adopt a far better posture every day, you hamper bone and muscle aging, you strengthen your abdominal belt and reduce back pain, you feel better in your body.
  • To relieve stress: High-intensity work releases hormones and particularly endorphins. So, at the top of a session, you’ve got this sense of well-being, of freedom which only gives you good.

Who can practice cross-training?

You are probably wondering if this method of labor is for you.


Since the work can fully adapt to you, it’s obvious that a beginner can get into the business. The only constraint is to know the gestures well to not hurt yourself. So call an expert for the primary sessions. Then you’ll know how to defend yourself.

Athletes in need of a supplement

Are you stagnating in your activity? does one want to vary your sessions? does one want to progress on certain physical points? You will start with an intermediate level the time to understand the movements. Then you’ll move quickly to the expert level.

Former athletes

Getting back to the saddle isn’t always easy. Cross-training will allow you to figure your whole body. Plus, you will not get bored, that’s needless to say. You can start at a beginner level if necessary. As soon as you regain your skills as a former athlete, you’ll move up to the following level.


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