How To Improve Your Physical Condition

PHYSICAL CONDITION may be a huge topic that a lot of people consider nearly as good heart fitness. However, it’s not just that aspect, albeit it’s a part of it. it’s a general condition of the physical body, allowing the body to function properly and also to avoid diseases thanks to a poor lifestyle (lack of activity, poor diet, etc.).


The physical condition allows a private to take care of good motor skills (ability to maneuver around, like walking, running, climbing stairs, etc.) and thus also having the ability to perform daily actions (again, climbing stairs, bending down, carrying more or less heavy objects,…). In sporting terms, a private in good fitness is going to be ready to practice all sports by reducing the danger of injury, but also by improving the varied physical factors linked to the present same activity. it’ll therefore be more efficient!


Working on fitness means performing on the cardiovascular (running, cycling), muscular (strengthening and avoiding a ligament and joint problems), proprioception, flexibility, and balance aspects. In a gym, it’s possible to figure on all of those aspects in a progressive and adapted way; it allows an individual to regain all of his motor skills, or for an athlete to enhance his performance.

Here are two samples of sessions counting on the extent of activity:

BEGINNER: (2 to three sessions per week)

  • Brisk walking or cycling (moderate speed) for 20 to half-hour
  • 15-minute beginner abdominal videos
  • Muscle strengthening (chest press, leg press, horizontal pull, deltoid press, long sets, medium intensity, and medium recovery)
  • 10-minute stretching

ATHLETE: (4 to five sessions per week)

  • Split treadmill or elliptical (30 ’fast – 30’ slow on failure)
  • Muscle-strengthening by muscle group: Legs
  • 1 polyarticular exercise: Squats
  • 3 analytical exercises: leg extension, calf press,….
  • Work in load contrast (Bulgarian), 6 slow and heavy repetitions, and 10 explosive repetitions at the weight.
  • Abdominal circuit work (30 ” per exercise without breaks, 6 laps and 1 minute of recovery between laps)
  • Leg raises, crunch, sheathing on the elbows

Coach’s advice:

The secret to good physical condition: healthy living. it’s, therefore, necessary to favor an honest diet, rest, and regular training. Overtraining is often a risk factor because it limits the body’s rest and thus its recovery. Training two to 3 times every week with an opportunity between every day allows permanent recovery; how to last over time! A healthy and varied diet allows for a far better distribution of nutrients; by dint of coaching, the metabolism requires a greater intake, especially in proteins that are, in a way, “the dressing” of the muscle.


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