HIIT: All What You Should Know About It

HIIT: High-Intensity Interval Training, as the name suggests, is a sports technique with short high-intensity work times followed by rest periods. The goal is to quickly put a lot of effort into our body so that it draws on its reserves to burn off.

The benefits of HIIT

HIIT only has advantages to be practiced: time-saving muscle building, weight loss, improved cardio!

First of all, a HIIT session takes 30 minutes and is, therefore, shorter than a traditional workout. However, HIIT is much more effective in several ways:


Between work, children, drinks with friends, organizational problems, and more, it is becoming more and more complicated to set aside time for yourself. However, sport is fundamental from every point of view. It allows us to let off steam, to do us good, and above all to work on our body and help it to be strengthened for everyday life!

Thanks to HIIT, in 30 minutes you will achieve a very effective and fast workout! No more excuses for not having time to exercise! We’re going to let off steam!

Effects that last over time

It’s magic, HIIT has effects on the body that last for several hours after a session! This is because the effort given during a HIIT session is so intense that the body does not recover quickly and it continues to burn calories. This is called the “after-burn effect”!

Effective weight loss

Doing high-intensity interval training will strain the body so much that it has to draw on its fat reserves quickly.

For this, HIIT is a very effective “calorie burner” in a minimum of time. It has been proven to be one of the most effective techniques for losing weight. 3 x 30-minute HIIT sessions per week are more effective than 4 hours of traditional training.

HIIT: better than a cardio session

Does HIIT fundamentally improve your cardio by increasing our ability to consume oxygen? HIIT workouts build up quickly and this is what will quickly require a lot of cardio. Thus, by performing regular HIIT sessions, our cardio increases considerably throughout the sessions and our body gradually gets used to this high demand for oxygen.

To best apply all the benefits of HIIT, you must of course keep as much as possible a regularity in your training with a good diet.

HIIT methods

There are two popular HIIT methods: the Tabata method and the LITTLE method.

The Tabata method

This HIIT method consists of doing just 4 minutes of exercise!

Invented by the Japanese Izumi Tabata, a researcher at the National Institute of Fitness and Sport, it involves performing a series of 20 seconds of effort and 10 seconds of recovery, and this 8 times. (20s + 10s) x8 = 4 minutes.

The LITTLE method

For this method, it involves performing 12 cycles of 1 minute of high-intensity exercise with 75-second recovery pauses between each minute.

A HIIT session with the LITTLE method thus lasts 27 minutes.

Of course, there are many methods of HIIT with different cycles, times, and rhythms. Our advice? Try several until you find a rhythm you like. You can even try to personalize your HIIT session yourself or with our coach by deciding your effort and recovery times according to your abilities and your desires.

How to practice HIIT?

The best solution is to be supported in your goals! That’s why, personalized coaching is the best way today to train properly, by performing good movements and also for motivation! It’s always easier with a coach and music than alone in your living room.

HIIT can be practiced anywhere as long as there is a minimum of space to perform movements. Since the sessions are intense and fast, we recommend accompanying them with upbeat music!

In terms of equipment, it is good to carry out these sessions with equipment such as a jump rope, rubber bands, kettlebells, medicine ball, step, boxing, etc.

Finally, to perform your HIIT sessions in the best possible conditions, it is very important to hydrate yourself well before and after the session !!


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